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Design Projects During Full Time Employment

Drum Overpack

Screw-top drum containment for transporting hazardous material, drums, spill-kits and absorbents.

Features include: UN certified, nestable, stackable, double start thread, foothold, forkliftable.

Mudguard Fixing Kit

This product was to update and upgrade current fixing solution.

Aesthetics were improved as well as featuring a new securing system which reduced the BOM and increased profit margin.

Triple IBC Bund

New bund capable of holding three IBC's without the use of extra platform component. 

Aluminium Ladder

Tasked with designing a new ladder for the commercial vehicle sector that would improve in aesthetics and weight. The aluminium side rail and glass filled nylon rung design was testing to a safe working load of 120kg, more than the previous steel design.

Three sizes were created and fitting kits were custom designed for each vehicle allowing fitment to most vans on the road.

Commercial Vehicle Rear Step

The brief for this project was to deign a new step for an electric van scheduled to replace FedEx fleets. The design combined elements from two different step offerings from Rhino, with custom parts into a brand new design. 

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