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Design Projects During University

Xitus - Last resort escape device

Xitus is a product that allows a building’s occupants to safely descend to ground level when extreme conditions present themselves, and is to be used a last resort. 

The product is deployed and positioned over a window ledge, the frame’s design means that it can be adjusted for several wall thickness and types. Once the weight is deployed and tied off at pre-positioned floor mounts, the user can then attach a safety line. Once upon the device and turned around the controlled decent device can be attached and the safety line removed. The user is then free to descent at a constant rate of fall, once at the bottom the user unclips from the wire in order to allow the next person a safe descent.

Home Office Furniture

This home office desk design is to accommodate for modern living in a modern age, having the ability to be folded down saving space when necessary. The design also features tablet integration, whether it be in portrait or landscape position, and cable management slots.

Business Card Case

This was a quick project to design a product to be made from a single A3 sheet of acrylic. My product was such a size that several could be fit on to one piece. The final cases were laser cut, line bent and then hand finished.

Kiosk design project with Evoke Interactive

This project was a live brief with the client Evoke Interactive, who design and manufacture a variety of kiosks.


Our brief was to come up with a new design with preferably a previously unexplored function.


My design was aimed at large companies that require a physical sign in of staff, who may have potential for harming themselves or others by being intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. My design would inform employer of failed tests, so that appropriate action could be taken.

Armida - Cosmetics project with Collcap

For this project we worked with Collcap who design and manufacture cosmetics packaging for many high profile brands.


The brief was to come up with a small cosmetics range of face and body products, I decided to aim my range at middle-aged woman who wanted a more organic and natural product.

Wheelchair design with RGK

This product was with wheelchair design and manufacture company RGK who supplied a variety of wheelchair for the Paralympics.


The brief for this project was to design a new all-terrain wheelchair, capable of off road driving as well as being a capable of day to day use.

Air and Ground- Upcycle project

This was a project with Air and Ground, a company in Staffordshire who supply a variety of aviation spares and parts. They are involved in the dismantle of aircraft, and such have a vast collection of items with the potential to be upcycled into amazing products.


After visiting a warehouse of theirs and inspecting an array of parts, I set about designing products around these objects.

Injecta.Mould Educational Toy

This product was designed to help the younger generation studying design technology and similar courses.


It simplifies the process of injection moulding and uses modelling putty to illustrate the idea.

Gaming Smartphone


This design is for a gaming smartphone. To get a tangible gaming experience on most smartphones an attachment has to be carried around with you, this concept removes the need for add-ons. Its dual wrap around screen creates new opportunities for user interaction design, and can be used to create more controls whilst gaming.

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